Top 4 Solutions A Good Construction Manager Offers

Proper communication and leadership in large-scale and small-scale construction projects are vital, especially in case of any delays and issues progressing. A construction manager is often the appointed point person at a site as they’re in charge of getting the project on track and making decisions.

However, what responsibilities fall on construction project management? Here are four basic services that a construction manager should be doing at your building site.

Budgeting and Scheduling

Expect that a construction manager will prioritize a building project finishing close to the given deadline. They should be able to provide an approximate finance plan and schedule for the building project. If you’re working with a commercial construction business, they may give such an estimate, but the construction manager influences and gets a say on whether or not that is approved.

This primary evaluation should be able to show a lot of details. It’s ideal to have different stages of the building project plotted out throughout the months of the year in the schedule. As for the budget, there should be expenses for the materials and labor included. A construction manager should also be able to provide how many workers are needed at the construction site.

Delegating Tasks to Employees 

A great construction manager is a great leader who can choose the right workers and delegate different tasks. They are often involved during hiring to screen and employ the best people for the job while staying within budget. They have senior experience, so they understand what qualifications to look for in each position.

Construction requires various duties: demolition, scaffolding, loading, unloading, drilling, mixing, pouring, and leveling. A construction manager should keep tabs on which site workers he assigned to the job and their progress from day to day. Communication is vital to ensure employees carry out what they’re supposed to do and finish the project on time.

Contacting the Clients

Aside from communicating with internal stakeholders on site, a construction manager also communicates with external stakeholders. This can range from actual clients to suppliers and contractors. This is to establish rapport and give them daily reports about the ongoing construction project. 

It’s only fitting to provide such updates for their building as their investments and financing keep operations up. They aren’t on site for the whole duration of the project either. If there are any setbacks or notable challenges faced, external stakeholders should be made aware of them. 

Dealing With Risks

Construction project management should always include risk management in its service. A construction manager should be able to plan for any issues they anticipate the project to run into. Aside from prevention, they also have to deal with sudden problems.

There could be a variety of troubles such as work-related injuries or a faulty design. Some may even be out of their control, such as external regulation or lousy weather. A construction manager will have to make different choices and lead the project’s direction in the face of adversity.


A construction manager holds the best interests of a project in mind when carrying out their duties. Appoint someone who will curate an effective plan, communicate with stakeholders, acknowledge risks, and solve them.

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