High Quality Service Work Division In New York City.

Our Unparalleled Level Of Service Work Experience Continues After The Main Construction Project Is Completed.

What Makes JAB Great?

Post-construction clients finding themselves planning the second phase of a project, personalizing their own newly constructed spaces can count on our qualified service team at JAB Industries, Inc. To suit our client’s needs, we orchestrate any and all scopes of work, by utilizing in-house forces or our reliable team of sub-contractors. We aim to be your one-stop-shop!

We continue to serve beyond the final stages of moving-in. Our service group applies a high level of service experience, and knowledge of interior construction to smaller scale build outs, add-ons, and any changes needed.

We are fully dedicated to the successful completion of any small or large project. Whether you need to add new walls for the growing staff, wallpapering or installing new artwork, we have the skills and motivation to accomplish our client’s goals.

Service Work Division Services Include: