JAB Industries Inc. Completes 6,000 Square Foot Space for Kiddie Academy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

New York, NY: Standing tall in the construction realm, New York, New York-based JAB Industries Inc. has proudly completed an upscale commercial project for Kiddie Academy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Kiddie Academy® of Williamsburg is more than just a daycare. This nationally recognized provider of comprehensive educational child care programs boasts a flexible, standard-based curriculum that encourages holistic development, positioning them as a beacon in educational child care.

CEO Jeremy Singh shared insights into the construction nuances. The 6,000-square-foot space, stretching across two floors, merges fresh architectural elements with core and shell spaces. The brand-new development utilized newly built space and core and shell space, and the team was able to create classrooms and learning zones for 99 children, ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years.

These spaces, meticulously crafted by the New York, New York JAB Industries Inc. team, cater to children ranging from infants to school age, ensuring each age group has a space tailored to their unique developmental needs. The classrooms and learning areas have been designed with a focus on advancing each child’s social, physical, and intellectual skills, coupled with safety features to give parents peace of mind.

Howard Chen, the esteemed owner of Kiddie Academy in Williamsburg, praised JAB Industries Inc. by saying, “Their team has demonstrated excellence in realizing our vision. Not only have they created expansive, functional spaces, but they’ve also catered to the importance of a nurturing learning environment, vital for our students’ holistic growth.” He also emphasized the importance of the spaces built, which “ensure proper social distancing, which is vital during a pandemic.”

Kiddie Academy® of Williamsburg prides itself on nurturing positive character traits in children. Their daycare focuses on fostering a positive and educational environment where children thrive. From infants, toddlers, to kindergarteners and school-aged kids, their programs cater to each developmental stage, setting them apart as a comprehensive educational childcare provider.

Since its inception in 1981, Kiddie Academy has been offering full-time care, before-and after-school care, and summer camp programs. Their proprietary Life Essentials® curriculum, methods, and techniques prepare children for life. For parents on the hunt, Kiddie Academy often emerges as the best answer to the “daycare near me” query. Those interested can delve into firsthand experiences by perusing their child care reviews or embarking on a virtual tour.

About JAB Industries Inc.: Nestled in the vibrant heart of New York, New York, JAB Industries Inc. is synonymous with top-tier construction. Their portfolio boasts collaborations with industry giants like Guardian Life, Hudson Yards, Graybar, Milstein Properties, Brown Harris Steven, Salomon Smith Barney, BMW, HSBC Bank, MCI Telecommunications, The American Museum of Natural History, Marriott Corporation, and Mt. Sinai Hospital, to name a few. Quality craftsmanship coupled with competitive pricing forms their ethos. For a deeper look into their offerings, visit their official website.

About Kiddie Academy Franchising: Originating in Maryland, Kiddie Academy Domestic Franchising’s footprint has expanded significantly, now having more than 265 open Academies located in 30 states and the District of Columbia. Their upcoming ventures promise the inauguration of several new centers across the nation, with 30 new Academies expected to open in 2020 alone. For more about their franchise opportunities, interested readers can visit their official franchise website.

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