Top 4 Things to Consider When Picking The Right General Contractor

Whether you are planning on constructing an entirely new structure or are simply renovating a room, hiring the right general contractor for the job is always an important step to take seriously. However, in this extremely saturated market, picking the right contractor can be a challenge in and of itself. With so many providers available in your area, it can be tough to tell the difference between those who claim to be good versus those who actually are!

If you’re struggling with whom to pick to handle your project, then we’re here to help! By knowing some of the basic things to look for, you’re sure to partner with the perfect company to help you out. To streamline the selection process, here are some factors you need to consider:

1. The Estimated Timeline

When talking about time, you should be asking the contractor how long it will take for the project’s completion. While the time given is only an estimate, it gives you an idea of when you can expect the project to be completed! This is important for many things, such as planning your business activities to line up with the completion date and figuring out the logistics of moving in. 

It is also possible to suggest your own required timeframe—that way, your contractor can set appropriate expectations and really give you a decent estimate for completion.

2. The Quotation

One of the most important topics you will always need to bring up when talking to any contractor is the project quotation. A written quotation with all the costs broken down is essential to help you understand why the project costs how much it does. This also helps you know how much you are expected to pay for the project, ensuring there are no surprise expenses that will leave you financially unstable!

3. The Reputation

Reputation speaks a lot about a company. Generally, a positive reputation means that people are happy with the contractor’s services and recommends them to other people. On the other hand, a negative reputation means that the contractor is likely not doing their job well. 

With that in mind, always be sure to do a little research as to the reputation of the contractor you want to work with. Look at review sites and see what people have to say, and ask around those who have worked with the contractor before. This will give you an idea of what you can expect from the contractor, allowing you to thin out your list of prospective contractors even more.

4. The Experience

Experience is critical for any line of work, and in the contracting industry, this is no different. You should be working with contractors that have several years of experience under their belt. 

This proves a few things. First, experience teaches the contractors things that are only learned by working on projects. Second, experience proves to you that the contractors have what it takes to stay in business—especially if they’ve been providing services for years in your community. 

Do note that contractors with plenty of experience may be pricey, but that price is more than likely justified with high-quality services that new contractors cannot assure.


There are plenty of other factors to keep an eye out for when looking for the right contractors. For example, you can check whether they are licensed and insured for the job, whether they work with subcontractors, and other such criteria. 

Regardless, the above factors we have shared are among the prime things you must consider on your hunt for the perfect contractor. When you find one that is reputable, experienced, timely, and professional, then you know that you have run into the right contractor to ensure your residential or commercial project will be done the best it can be.Are you looking for the best general contractor near you to handle your next project? JAB Industries Inc. is a high-end commercial and residential contractor that caters to clients in New York City and other surrounding areas. Connect with us today to find out more about our services!

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