JAB Industries Enhances Accessibility and Safety with New ADA-Compliant Ramp at Voice Charter School

JAB Industries, a LEED certified leader in innovative and sustainable construction, proudly announces the successful completion of a crucial accessibility project at Voice Charter School in Long Island City. This project, which included the construction of a state-of-the-art ADA-compliant connector ramp between the Dimarco Building and the St. Rita Building, represents a significant enhancement to the school’s infrastructure, improving safety and accessibility for all students, particularly those with disabilities.

Project Overview and Impact

The installation of the ADA-compliant ramp provides a direct, safe, and convenient pathway for students, staff, and visitors, fundamentally transforming how they navigate the school campus. Prior to the ramp’s construction, students and staff were required to navigate around the block to move between buildings, a journey that was particularly burdensome for those with mobility challenges. This critical infrastructure now ensures that all students, including the large number of students with disabilities and immigrant children at Voice Charter School, can move between buildings swiftly and safely, staying within the secure confines of the school property.

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Michael Trent, Project Manager at JAB Industries, highlighted the importance of the project: “This ramp is more than just a structural addition; it’s a vital improvement that ensures all students at Voice Charter School have equal access to their school environment. We are proud to contribute to creating an inclusive space where every child can thrive.”

JAB Industries employed cutting-edge construction techniques to complete the ramp efficiently and sustainably. One of the standout methods used was the ‘Fast Footing System,’ a revolutionary approach that significantly reduces material costs and labor time. This system eliminates the need for traditional plywood and two-by-four formwork, cutting formwork time by half and reducing material costs by up to 80%. This innovative technique not only expedited the construction process but also minimized the environmental impact, aligning perfectly with JAB’s commitment to sustainable building practices.

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The ‘Fast Footing System’ is particularly notable for its ability to streamline the construction process. Traditional formwork involves a time-consuming and resource-intensive setup, but the Fast Footing System simplifies this by using pre-engineered materials that are easier to assemble and require fewer resources. This approach is not only more efficient but also environmentally friendly, reducing the carbon footprint of the construction project.

The construction project faced a significant challenge with the discovery of contaminated soil on-site, a common issue in urban areas. JAB Industries took on the responsibility of managing, logging, and safely transporting the hazardous materials, ensuring compliance with the stringent regulations set by New York City’s Department of Buildings (DOB) and Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). This proactive approach not only ensured the safety and compliance of the project but also demonstrated JAB’s capability to handle complex environmental challenges effectively.

Michael Trent explained, “Managing the contaminated soil was a critical aspect of this project. Our team’s expertise in environmental management allowed us to navigate this challenge smoothly, ensuring the project stayed on track while maintaining the highest safety standards.”

The handling of contaminated soil required careful planning and execution. JAB Industries had to conduct extensive soil testing to determine the extent of contamination and develop a comprehensive plan for its safe removal. This involved coordinating with environmental agencies and adhering to strict disposal protocols, which was crucial to mitigate any potential health risks to the school community and the broader environment.

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The successful completion of this project was also a testament to the strong collaboration between JAB Industries and Larson Architects, who designed the project. This partnership facilitated a seamless process and resulted in a high-quality outcome that exceeded client expectations. The synergy between the construction and architectural teams ensured that every aspect of the ramp was meticulously planned and executed, providing a model for future collaborative projects.

The close cooperation between JAB Industries and Larson Architects was essential in overcoming various project challenges. Both teams worked closely to ensure that the design and construction met all ADA requirements and adhered to the school’s aesthetic and functional needs. This collaboration was instrumental in delivering a project that not only served its practical purpose but also integrated harmoniously with the existing school infrastructure.

JAB Industries’ commitment to community engagement was evident throughout the project. The company partnered with local nonprofit organizations, including Hour Children, which operates a food pantry within the Dimarco Building. JAB Industries’ staff volunteered their time and resources to support Hour Children, reflecting the company’s dedication to giving back to the community. This engagement not only enhanced the company’s relationship with the local community but also demonstrated JAB’s broader commitment to social responsibility.

Laura Brown, Principal at Voice Charter School, praised the project’s impact: “The new ADA-compliant ramp has been a transformative addition to our school. It provides our students with a safer and more accessible way to navigate our campus, especially those with disabilities. We are deeply grateful to JAB Industries for their expertise and dedication to this project.”

Throughout the project, JAB Industries maintained an open line of communication with the school and the local community. Regular updates were provided to keep everyone informed about the project’s progress and any potential impacts on daily activities. This proactive engagement helped build trust and foster a positive relationship between JAB Industries and the school community.

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JAB Industries is excited about its upcoming projects that promise to further benefit local communities. These initiatives will continue to focus on integrating innovative and sustainable construction practices that support community development and well-being. The company remains committed to enhancing urban environments and creating spaces that are accessible and inclusive for all.

Future projects by JAB Industries will include more community-focused initiatives that align with their mission of promoting inclusivity and sustainability. The company is also exploring new technologies and methods to further reduce the environmental impact of their projects and improve efficiency. These efforts are part of JAB’s broader strategy to lead the way in sustainable construction and community engagement.

About JAB Industries

JAB Industries is a premier construction firm based in New York City, specializing in innovative and sustainable construction solutions. With a proven track record of successfully managing complex projects, JAB Industries is a leader in creating accessible, environmentally friendly urban spaces. The company is dedicated to improving the quality of life in communities through thoughtful and efficient construction practices.

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