How to Select the Right General Contractor for the Job

Building a structure with multifamily housing in mind requires the minds of an architect and a proper contractor. New York is buzzing with various multifamily homes in the area due to its culture and architectural design. Since the structure at hand is housing more than one residential family, commercial construction companies will be essential in completing the job. 

General contractors are the brawn of all construction operations, and choosing the right one for the job is important. Not all commercial construction companies will be a good fit for your project, which is why seeking various building contractors in New York will help your build process. Working with experts in their field will expedite the whole process, making it easier to address issues and work together seamlessly. 

Choosing Building Contractors in New York

When it comes to multifamily homes or commercial construction, the general contractor is responsible for the various building stages a structure undergoes. Designing the house is where the contractor works heavily with the architect and suggests multiple improvements that can save time and money. Pointing out potential risks and hazards is also the contractor’s job to ensure that the families living inside these homes are safe. 

Contractors will also be doing the paperwork and are responsible for dealing with the New York state government to obtain city building or renovation permits. These documents will ensure that all work is legal and comply with the state’s building codes, which avoids most run-ins that DIY jobs have. 

They’ll also be the point person for subcontractors, which will assist with the home’s finishing touches regarding electrical wiring and plumbing. With a broad contacts list, they can find trusted individuals who are fit for the job, and these people have typically worked together countless times. 

Other jobs include purchasing supplies, which will be handled by the contractor initially, followed by a statement at the end of the project for the property owner to take into consideration. Payment terms will always be discussed between both parties, which will be part of a contract made. 

How to Know if a Contactor’s Work is Quality

Multifamily home developers are typically in-demand in New York City construction. There are plenty of names in the industry, but you’ll know who the good ones are based on things you read online and what others in the real estate industry say. If you see a building that looks like something you’d want to have for yourself, it can pay to look at city records for construction, which is where you’ll find the names of contractors. 

You’ll want to have bids from various contractors, as these will help encourage competition to be more competitive with their pricing, which can save a couple of thousands in some instances. It will also help your search by investigating their operations by finding reviews online or contacting past clients and asking how their construction process ended. Many past clients can have plenty to say about the whole process, which is one of the best ways to discover if a general contractor is worth your money. 

General contractors may also exhibit some red flags, which should turn you off when you see any. Some of these include only accepting cash, stating an inability to obtain permits, or lacking a successful project history. One last point is how they communicate with you, you’ll want someone you can always contact in any case the building process goes wrong. Being unreachable isn’t what you want in a general contractor because of how grave construction errors can be when they are left unattended. 


Choosing the best building contractors in New York boils down to heavy research and a bit of gut feel. You can often tell how a commercial construction company works from the get-go, as professionalism is visible right away. Don’t fall into the trap of cheap and sub-standard contractors because this can damage your projects and build budgets. 

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