5 Common Types of Commercial Construction Projects.

Many think that all construction projects are alike. However, in this day and age, there are many subtle differences in each type of construction project that require a unique level of attention and detail. 

If you need help with your commercial construction project, getting in touch with a reputable construction company or contractor firm will help save you time, money, and other important resources. Here are some of the most common types of commercial construction projects that you can consult a construction company about.

1. Restaurants

Daniel Restaurant NYC Michelin Star Dining

What type of restaurant are you planning to put up? Are you franchising from a restaurant chain? These are questions that your contractor may have for you when you consult about this type of building. You will need to ensure that you have all of the information as to the proper guidelines set by the corporation if you are having a franchise built. For individual establishments, you and your contractor have to come up with an innovative design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Grocery Stores

Whole Foods New York City

Putting up a building that will be used as a grocery store or other type of retail facility will need a unique type of layout for the floorplan. You and your contractor will have to create a floor plan that is welcoming and that will facilitate ease of navigation through the store. You have to also make sure that you choose materials that will contribute to the strength of the building’s structural properties. 

3. Hospitality and Lodging Facilities

The Park Lane Hotel Manhattan New York

Since your business will be focused on hospitality and having guests stay at your hotel or lodging house, you will want to talk to your contractor about constructing a structure that will have a homey atmosphere and a building that will keep the noise out. Otherwise, you may end up having angry guests, especially if your hotel is to be built right beside a busy street. 

4. Industrial and Office Buildings

4 Hudson Square Disney Headquarters

If you are planning to put up a tall building for your company, discussing safety pathways such as fire exits and emergency exits with your contractor is crucial. If the building is to be a high-rise one, these safety features are a must.

5. Medical Facilities

Maimonides Hospital Brooklyn New York

In this day and age, there are more and more small stand-alone doctor’s offices and clinics that are being built to keep up with the increasing demand for medical treatment. These buildings have to be constructed in a way that they are easily accessible as well as well-ventilated.


Constructing a building is no easy feat. Intense planning should go into commercial construction projects to ensure that the buildings constructed are structurally sound. If you are looking to have a building constructed, it pays to have a design in mind and to talk to a construction company as to the actual task of constructing your building.

Whether you are planning to build any of the types of commercial buildings mentioned above, have inquiries about construction projects, or need renovations done on your home, JAB Industries Inc. can help you. We are experts in our field, so if you are looking for building contractors in the New York area, give us a call.

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